Lisa (Abbink) Kissner
Black Hills State University
ED 695 Practicum Spring 2011

Within the realm of education, it is critical that educators realize that as technology continues to change, the learning styles of students will also change and with that comes the challenge that we must overcome. My goal is to help colleagues meet the needs of our students through additional awareness of the purpose of 21st Century Skills. I have created this Wiki Space to establish practical and innovative ways to bring technology to the hands of the students and educators to create an environment conducive to long term success in the fast paced technology world we live in.


  • Utlilize a Needs Assessement to establish District's strengths and weaknesses in the realm of technology.
  • Technology integration: Development of technology into classrooms is a key factor in student learning and improvement.
  • Math Curriculum Review will establish the use and need for enhanced technology integration while conducting selection of curriculum based around technology.