• Goal - Needs Assessement establishing District's strengths and weaknesses in the realm of technology integration with curriculum.




Create and conduct a survey for Huron School District
which questions teachers on their best instructional practices.
  • Use data from survey to differentiate between knowledgeof 21st Century Skills versus using technology in a classroom.
Feb 2011 - March 2011
Identify from the surveys what the needs are for future
professional development for Mini Tech Sessions
  • Consideration given to allowing for student surveys giving
them a voice in their "opnion" of technology use in their classrooms
March 2011
Create an observation tool to allow for classrooms observations
of technology implementation in the classroom.

March-April 2011
Conduct Student Technology Survey
Conduct Staff Needs Assessment
May 2011 - administer with 8th grade technology test
April - May 2011 for Staff


Assessment Process

Phases in Needs Assessment *
--Process Development
  • --Gather Data
  • --Analyze Data
  • --Goal Setting
  • --Finalize Goals
Meeting with Darci Love - 45 minutes; finalized details, purpose, and goals of needs assessment
  • Research conducted determining purpose of survey; appropriate questions needed to be asked to accomplish goal of assessment; sharing with technology department and others involved in data collection.
    • Begin online information collection
  • Discussed levels of assessing students - conduct at the 8th grade level in conjunction with Tech. Literacy Test; as well as allow High School to determine their assessing of students.
Survey - (February - April 15th)
Ongoing Research (15 hours 25 minutes)
  • Online searches, reading
  • Sharing and gathering of information
  • Collaboration and creating - (emails; verbal discussions)
  • Creating of surveys
  • Proofing
  • Reorganization of information
Learning to use Google Docs to collect data - 1 hour 30 minute
Observation Tool - conducted via Survey Monkey for ability to analyze in formation gained
Typing up Teacher Roster
Typing into Survey Monkey - 1 1/2 Hours
Classroom Walkthrough Chart Proposal - Classroom Walkthrough Listing of Teachers -

1 1/2 hours finalized April
Guidelines/Purpose of Observations Doc

1 1/2 Hours Finalized April
Staff Survey - using Survey Monkey to conduct this....copy of the survey in preview mode is attached -

1 1/2 Hours Finalized April
Creation of Student Survey
3 1/2 Hours Finalized April 24th

Vision of
Acquire data collection to establish strengths and weaknesses of teacher performance, knowlege, and
implementation of 21st Century Skills.

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of current and emerging technologies for use in 21st century classrooms.
Insight will be gained after administering the Staff Needs Assessement.

Identify school teaching and learning needs through needs analysis, and organizing and implementing problem-solving actions with teachers and administrators.
Data will be collected from survey and shared with Curriculum Director and Technology Coordinator in the district.
Work to identify strengths and weaknesses of staff through survey data and discuss how to work to meet these needs.

Collaborate with teachers to support their use of technology in delivery of curricula consistent with student needs and district instructional goals.
Observations will be conducted during May and the data collected to identify weaknesses in the classroom implementation of technology use. Information used to put together future Professional Development.


Results of Huron's District Wide Inservice show a need to administer a more comprehensive survey to determine current
situation with technology integration in the classroom.

Proposal - Classroom Walkthrough Listing of Teachers - see above document