Goal: Curriculum Integration with Technology across all grade levels meeting the ISTE Standards for education.




Implement Needs Assessment Survey to staff to determine district needs
Online Survey
February 2011
Develop six mini technology sessions that will highlight each of the ISTE Standards

February 2011-May 2011
Implement technology sessions for Teachers:
  • Preference to SIOP Coaches, Title Teachers, and New Teachers.
    • SIOP Coaches - will be working to align their strategies with technology integration during the 2011-2012 school year so these sessions will lend nicely to that enhanced training.
  • Title Teachers -
  • New Teachers - allows for a mentor program.
April 29th - SIOP coaches met to discuss role for next year. Will work to bring technology into the hands of the teachers to enhance their teaching and meet the needs of our diverse learners.
August 2011-May 2012
Faculty will implement technology within their classrooms after training and complete a follow up survey on success, or difficulties of implementation,
along with evidence of ISTE Standards met.
Survey Results
Lesson Plans
Possible Teacher Technology Blog Site for District(?)

Personal Wiki - Set this up in the fall and use to collaborate with 6th grade staff on technology integration in their classrooms. Can be used in place of a PLC meeting to allow more teachers to share and learn from each other.
Monthly following Mini Sessions to Staff in attendance
Ongoing for continual improvement in weak areas

Fall 2011

Vision of Success
The Huron School District works to engage educators in the use of 21st Century Skills that enhance student achievement, supporting lifelong learning in an environment of creativity with problem solving skills and decision making, collaboration, engagement, and supportive feedback.

Standards will be met as I analyze Staff surveys; begin to set up Mini Sessions; and through the use of my personal Wiki set up in the Fall
Demonstrate ability to implement key learning theories and methods of instruction and their relation to appropriate and effective technology integration to include the use and development of inquiry-based, student-centered learning models.

Demonstrate ability to facilitate and model teh effective use of multiple technologies into the curriculum and instructional practices across content area through the use of appropriate curriculum development models in the inclusion of educational technologies.

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of current and emerging technologies for use in 21st Century classrooms.

Demonstrate knowledge of equity issues in current educational reform to include the awareness and the ability to apply and model to others the ethical use of all technology resources.

Monitor instructional effectiveness and progress of technology integration using appropriate tools and strategies.

Collaborate with teachers to support their use of technology in delivery of curricula consistent with student needs and district instructional goals.

Work with teachers to integrate instructional practices that reflect a variety of techniques, promoting positive interaction among students, and providing appropriate practice of activities and skills focusing upon desired learning outcomes.

Develop school-based high quality professional development opportunities to help teachers refine their knowledge and skills.