Goal: Establish the use and need for enhanced technological opportunities within the Math Curriculum.

Overview of Goal:
  • Huron School District is renewing Math Curriculum this year. The possiblities with integration of technology are endless of course. I will be serving on the Review Committee as well as helping to research the possibility of Flexbooks into our curriculum.
  • Possible on site visit with Brandon Valley who is currently implementing Flexbooks within their Science curriculum.
  • Establish the need for Smartboards as a possible keypiece of technology for math instructors.


March 14th - Meeting with Principal (35 Minutes)
  • discussion of technology usage for Math Classes and core teachers teaching
  • Pilot program - questionable at Middle School Levels - however, 6th grade could "pilot" the program
    • cannot require all 6th grade Math teachers to utlilize optional method of teaching Math
  • Principal informed me I would be getting a smartboard with camera next year in my classroom!!!!!

March 31st - Middle School Math Meeting (20 Minutes)
  • Discussion of Curriculum Needs for textbooks
  • Integration of Technology discussed

April 7th - 6th Math Meeting (1 hour 30 Minutes)
  • Discussed Technology Integration More
    • 2 Staff members feel their is significant importance with Technology in classroom and math application
    • Shared some research on technology in the classroom
    • Discussed Responders use/lack of use from others -
    • 1 Staff member felt as long as the students received the needed information he was doing his job, change is not always good, and some issues with technology shouldn't be taking over his classtime
      • Clarification with Issues - interwrite pad doesn't always connect right away

April 15th - Received Package from Donor's Choose - 1 Ipod for my classroom
  • I will begin working to install Apps that are geared toward lower achieving students
  • Establish a routine for directed study time for struggling students to utilize Ipod for their educational Needs (3 Hours)
    • Update - Students are eager to use the Ipod; however, I need to work to establish a form to get feedback from the student on what App they used and what they gained from this during their use

April 28th - Middle School Math Meeting (30 Minutes)
  • Discussion held on Textbook Review being on hold for one year. Reason was to determine the role technology plays in Math Instruction and not rush into a selection of textbooks.
  • 6th Staff will work to utilize Smartboard activitites during the 2011-2012 school year

A CK 12 Study

The "Living Book" Movement: Free Education For All

Keloland News - Brandon Valley Using Flexbooks

Curriki -
Another site that allows online textbook information.
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Textbook Free Teaching
Supports the CGI Math Instruction; problem solving versus drill and kill worksheets
Inkling - Textbook for the ipad
Limited use without ipads for students; resources are limited currently as well
Turning the Page: Forget about those Bulky Backbreakers, Digital Textbooks are the Future

“Digital textbooks will not change teaching unless the methodology is changed to go beyond the material provided in digital textbooks,” says Todd Whitlock,