February 9th - 1 hour
  • Met with Darci Love
    • Math Curriculum - shared thoughts on Flex Books and direction for Curriculum Review
    • Begin work on Needs Assessment Survey for staff
    • Awareness needed for technology integration and student achievement

February 17th - 25 Minutes
  • Middle School Math Curriculum Meeting
    • Discussion held about Flexbooks, most staff unfamiliar with them, concerns over time needed to develop them
    • 6th Grade Curriculum Meeting - discussion of smartboard use in classroom, one staff member currently uses, one has on wish list, other staff member has little interest in using a smartboard

February 23rd - 1 Hour
  • District Wide Math Curriculum Meeting with Darci
    • Discussion of Core Content Standards - many looked very overwhelmed, but once we sit to analyze what actually changed, and what didn't, teachers will relax some with the new standards. Time to go over in them in detail will be critical.
    • Flexbooks Discussion - small groups
      • Elementary Teachers were unsure of what they were and their purpose, they like the textbook because of all the other core classes they teach. However, CGI coaches seemed to at least want more information on this because we do so much grabbing of curriculum outside of the textbook and it offers them a chance to have it organized for themselves and students.
      • High School Teachers seemed very interested and would do a site visit
      • Middle School - two in attendance were interested and the others were unsure of what they were

February 27th -
  • Creative Use of Wiki in classroom for textbook information

February 29th - Phone Conversation with Darci - 15 Minutes
  • Lisa will work to locate information on conducting interviews/observations for classroom technology usage
    • How are we using technology, how are our students using technology
    • Create a form that relates to the 5 standards
    • Is the technology use for project based learning?

  • Tech Sessions for 2011-2012
    • Key Component - Lindsey Brewer - she has experience in conducting these sessions with staff, will meet with her first part of March to get input and ideas
    • Sessions will be geared towards the standards, each session (5) either technology gadget/program specific, or Standards Specific for all classrooms
    • Possible use of ipads or ipods for the Tech Session trainings